One of the best things about having artificial grass is that you can have outdoor parties and events and not have to worry about your guests getting dirty shoes or having things crawl up to your party food or beverages. It is completely safe and easier to clean up when the party is done, too. In order to help you set up the perfect party to throw on your new artificial turf, here is a guide to planning that will keep your turf safe while you have the time of your life.

If the party is a graduation theme, you could set up your yard with school colors…Or you could do something completely original. It’s your graduation party and just because you graduated from a school doesn’t mean that the school has to brand itself on your party. You did the work, you studied, this is your party not the school’s.

If you want a ground decoration but balloons are not for you, you can use landscape lights. Don’t puncture your artificial turf with them though, as that will cause some issues later on that you will need a professional to fix. Or you could just do some string lights, these are not only aesthetically pretty but they also keep your grass safe.

Set up a grill and make some food for the guests. Just be sure to keep the grill above ground level, have it sit on a porch, deck, or get a standing grill that won’t let the heat get to the synthetic grass. One thing that is guaranteed to kill a party is melting grass. While you are bringing out the grill, don’t forget to bring out some snacks and other desserts. Ice Cream and cake are party essentials when it’s a beautiful day outside.

Also don’t be afraid to have small stuff on the side. Get some fruits or some small sandwiches on a table in the yard. It’s always nice to have finger food available just in case someone isn’t interested in the grilled stuff or the desserts you have set out.

Set up an area in your yard for photos. Get fancy with it, buy some props and let people dress up. You have gorgeous outdoor scenery and a camera, take advantage of it! Get some pictures that will give everyone memories to last a lifetime. And have your printer already set up with bluetooth so you can have the pictures printed by the end of the night so everyone can go home with a copy.

Do some research on artificial grass prices and choose what is going to be the best fit for your lifestyle.

Planning Parties on Artificial Grass