You have finally figured out how to have a healthy lawn and everything is on track for a bright beautiful yard. Then summer comes along and all of your hard work flies out the window. All of the sudden your beautiful healthy lawn starts to look brown and dead. Well,don’t worry this is how you can keep you lawn healthy and green during the hot summer months even in the most scorching heat. Another option is to consider artificial turf. With turf, the only times you would need to water, is to clean off or cool it down.

Water Deeply and Consistently
You lawn needs more water during the summer to prevent it from going into it’s dry, brown, dormant stage. Try to water every 3-4 days with at least two inches of water a week. Sometimes you might need to water even more when the heat is strongest.

Water Early
During the summer months the time of day that you choose to water is just as important as how often and how much. The best time of day to water is the morning because it allows the lawn to soak up the water before the heat of the day when the water will evaporate. It also prevents fungus from being exacerbated by watering at night.

Mow High
One of the best things that you can do during the summer to prevent your lawn from getting damaged is to pay attention to how high you are mowing your lawn. The recommended length is 3 inches or higher during the summer. This prevents your lawn from damage by burning. Overall it is good to not mow more than 1/3 of the blade of grass at a time. In order to keep your lawn looking good at 3 inches you should mow your lawn often. It’s also important to keep the blades on your lawn mower sharp so they don’t damage your lawn by ripping it.

Timing and Fertilizing
Hold off on weed treatment and seeding until fall as this isn’t the best time to do it. The seeds are less likely to grow and become a healthy lawn in the heat and, the weed treatment may leave big empty spots until you are able to do some seeding. It’s important to fertilize the lawn often because a well fed lawn helps it to resist the summer heat and prevents burning.

Now that you have all these tips for keeping your lawn nice and green during the summer months your brown grass worries should be over. You should be able to keep that lawn looking bright and healthy all summer long without too much extra work on your part.

Easy ways to maintain a healthy lawn in the summer